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Hey, uh, this is Neil... I'm not here, I guess. Leave a message or whatever.

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Name: Jei
Age: 23
Personal Journal: jeilovesyou
E-mail: j.mangekyou [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM/MSN/etc: AIM: JaelaCloud

Name: "Young" Neil Nordegraf
Canon: Scott Pilgrim (comics)
Age: 20
Timeline: Mid-way though volume 4: After Neil's rant about Stephen Stills turning down shows at Sneaky Dee's, but before Lisa Miller's goodbye party.
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: n/a

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[There's shallow breathing on the line, and maybe if you listen really closely, you might even be able to hear Neil gulp.]

Uh... don't think I'm goin' out today.

Sorry I'm missing work or whatever. I'm... not feeling... uh.

Just, can't.

[And that's it.]
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So uh... Campbell's really gone.

Checked, and... yeah.

Guess he meant it.

'Least it's better than when Antimony left -- didn't even get any warning then.

Still. Sucks.
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You guys are frakkin' awesome, okay? All of you. Well, mostly all of you. But basically back home was really shit. Like, way more shit than the shit stuff that happens here. And I'm not saying it doesn't suck sometimes, because it does, but... y'know. I have a job, I have-- okay, here's the thing. This place? Half the time it's like living in a video game, which is awesome. And the other half of the time, it's like having actual friends. And, y'know. That's pretty awesome too.

[ooc: In honour of Thanksgiving, Neil's been hit with the Giving Thanks curse, aaaaaand let's just say that his mental and emotional filters, and his boundaries, are a little weak today.]
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[Neil is hanging out at the fountain, Hands shoved into his pockets, looking around warily.]

So uh... no one try to eat me today, okay? And we'll be good.

[ooc: Open to everyone and everything! Come and get him!]

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[Filtered to Stephen Stills; hackable due to laziness]

So, I saw that thingie the Network posted the other day and I'm sorry that sucks and stuff.

[This is not all he wants to say, but he's not just going to out and say it all because he is Neil, after all. Also, not doing this face-to-face because that would be scary.]

17.) Video

Sep. 6th, 2011 06:16 pm
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[Neil looks like he has just seen a ghost. A very, very traumatising ghost.]

I did not want to... know... any of... oh gods.

Look, whoever's sending... stuff. Just 'cause I live with, I mean, I'm not into... augh. [He buries his face in his hands.] I mean, just stop. Please.

And if anyone knows how to unsee, or like, unknow things, then... yeah. Tell me?

[ooc: Neil has been hit with rather a lot of gay pornography today. He doesn't want to talk about it. Which means the mun would very much like you to talk to him about it.]

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Uhmmmmm.... hello?

[Yes, that's Neil's voice, but it sounds a little bit... different. Quieter, somehow, and possibly a bit higher in pitch.]

Mum? Dad? ...Steph?

[There are a number of clicks, and one switches the video on. Help yourselves to a bit of a different face.]

...Where's this?

[A few more clicks, followed by a very put-upon sigh.]

This thing doesn't have any games.

[And the recording is shut off.]

[ooc: Neil's been aged down to twelve. Aaaaaand you might have notice that this doesn't actually change much, other than his appearance. Replies will be coming from [livejournal.com profile] youngerneil this weekend.]

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 あの。。何これ?? 失礼だが、誰か日本語を分かることできる? 今、おれは英語ができんだそうです。





(ooc: yes, all this nonsense means Neil's been hit with the Lost in Translation curse. He can speak conversational Japanese on a normal day, but right now that's all he can do. If any one else speaks, yeah, he thinks he's some sort of cool tough guy which is why he talks like this. Also if his grammar is a little messy, it's because it's his (and my) second language. He (we) is (are) doing his (our) best.]
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[Neil is hunkered down in an alleyway, tamping explosive putty into threaded plumber's pipe. Scattered behind him are gardening shears, several more lengths of pipe, spools of wire and thread, tin cans, and a few boxes of nails. He is wearing a plain black t-shirt with the sleeves torn off, and his signature wristbands are missing when he wipes sweat from his brow as he works. His husky, Nym, stands at the mouth of the alley keeping watch.]

I've tried to lock this transmission from the enemy, but in the event that in should be intercepted, please. Don't follow my example. And tell... nah. Just, be safe. Get out, if you can.
If I don't make it through, remember me. My whole life has been combat, but remember the little things. Remember-- [He uses his teeth to tear off the end of the fuse he's fashioning.] --something other than this.
I guess that's all I can ask.

[ooc: Pullin' a genre switch from the grab bag! Not actually locked, because there isn't actually an "enemy" here. Open action, if somebody wants to find him in the alley? Neil thinks he's an apocalyptic war hero this weekend. He probably can't be persuaded that he's not actually at war, but you can try if you want to. Also, who knows if he actually knows what he's doing, but he seems to understand what he's up to in theory. Mun may possibly be a shameless Terminator fanatic. Also she may possibly have re-watched the Dollhouse Epitaphs this week. Shhhhh. Also you're getting only this userpic all weekend because it is so Kyle Reese-tastic.]
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[Text - Filtered to Campbell.]
Hey man. You said you'd help me out with songwriting sometime, right? I think I'm gonna take you up on that.

[Text - Filtered to Demyx.]
Is it cool if I stop by the store soon? Also, do you guys do layaway plans?

[Video - Open.]

[Neil is tapping a pen against a leaf of stationery on which he has jotted a few messy lines of what might be poetry. He's wearing a pair of bulky black headphones, and he slides them to rest behind his ears, nudges a carton of cigarettes out of the way with his elbow, and clears his throat.]
So uh, I dunno if this is the right way to go about this, but if I sit around trying to figure out what the best way is, I'd probably just never do it. So I'm... just gonna go for it. I guess.

I'm starting a music project, basically. I don't... actually play any instruments. Yet. But I actually have it on pretty good authority that I can sing. And I... [He glances down at the paper.] ...might be able to write lyrics. I'll get back to you on that.

I'm pretty sure it'd be good if I could find someone who can play acoustic guitar. And maybe keyboard. But I'm not really picky.

Dunno if the City really needs a new band, but it probably won't hurt.

Let me know if you're interested, basically. [A pause.] That's it.
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Okay, yeah, this sucks. I'll admit it, okay? I hate that nobody ever wants to... no, y'know what? Forget people not ever wanting to do anything, people don't even hardly know I'm there unless I say something. It blows and I hate it and I'm... lonely. Okay? I said it, are you all happy now?
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[Neil's face is seen for all of two seconds before the device is knocked to the ground, landing instead on an awkwardly-angled view of the underside of a table. A good deal of shuffling can be heard, and the clinking of pet collars.]

Stop-- No! Off the-- Okay, Nymeria, to me! And little dude, you need to-- no, no, guys! Okay, c'mere.

[There is a small crash, and an indignant-sounding meow.]

Nym-- Gods. Nya, to me I said!

[When the device is righted and set back on the table, Neil has his husky puppy in his lap, and is holding her tightly by the collar. Resident cat Little Neil is slinking away in the background, looking offended.]

Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, uhmm.

I mentioned to a couple people that I might do like a belated birthday thing? 'S not really a party, but if anyone wanted to stop by today... there's, y'know, snacks. And you could meet the new puppy. [He pats Nymeria on the head, and she tries to nip at his hand.] It'd just be like, a really informal deal, so you could come by whenever.

[Neil's face falls, and he looks somewhat forlorn.] Stephen is... not here right now. So.

[Nymeria chooses that moment to slip out of her collar and bolt. Neil shoots to his feet, and frantically turns off the device before going after her.]
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[Neil is standing near the fountain, watching the insanity of the crowded City unfold.]

So wait... what the hell is going on today?

...No one ever tells me anything.

also: I will be trolling under my personal account, jeilovesyou. As myself. So... that's who that is. If you wondered. Hah.
also also: I KNOW I HAVE A MILLION AND ONE TAGS TO DO, I promise I'll get to it after I have my tea.
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[Observe a very pleased-looking Neil in Lord-of-the-Rings-style garb, waving at the camera before clasping his hands in front of him in a way that he hopes looks dignified.
Today we commemorate the occasion of my birth, occurring on this day some twenty-and-two years ago, or thereabouts.
[He clears his throat.]
As celebration, I am of a mind to search out and take on a dire wolf pup of my own. Together, the two of us will surely be able to retrieve the prize of the day.
All those who would accompany me and offer your services to my cause, I should be glad of your company.
...Oh. And since I've no wish of my own, let the reward go to he or she whom I name bravest warrior in the party.

[ooc: OPEN ACTION, Y'ALL. In brief translation: It's Neil's birthday, and this is effectively a call to arms by a giddy idiot who basically sees this whole thing as LARPing, only more legit! And yes, Neil did indeed have that outfit sitting in his closet. Might be better if you just... don't ask.]

6.) [text.]

Jun. 8th, 2011 05:57 pm
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I hate the frakking friend zone, you know? No girl ever seems to see me as anything besides... I don't know, a kid. Or any guy, for that matter, but I'm so afraid of my own bicuriosity that I don't even want to admit it to myself. I'm not that young.
I haven't had a real date that didn't involve a mistaken identity or being used for some ulterior motive since high school, pretty much.
It just freaks me out sometimes, because I'm afraid I'm going to end up alone.
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[Neil is locked in a sort of stand-off with Little Neil, resident cat and his namesake. Not that they are standing-- both are crouched on their stomachs on the ground with matching vacant expressions. This goes on for some time. Those who continue watching the feed, however, will eventually see Neil rise to his arms and knees and look pointedly at the screen, and then back at Little Neil, as though imploring those watching to do something about the situation at hand.

Finally, Little Neil raises a paw and swipes at Neil's face. Neil recoils for a split second, and then the two chase each other off screen.]


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