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[There's shallow breathing on the line, and maybe if you listen really closely, you might even be able to hear Neil gulp.]

Uh... don't think I'm goin' out today.

Sorry I'm missing work or whatever. I'm... not feeling... uh.

Just, can't.

[And that's it.]
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Uhmmmmm.... hello?

[Yes, that's Neil's voice, but it sounds a little bit... different. Quieter, somehow, and possibly a bit higher in pitch.]

Mum? Dad? ...Steph?

[There are a number of clicks, and one switches the video on. Help yourselves to a bit of a different face.]

...Where's this?

[A few more clicks, followed by a very put-upon sigh.]

This thing doesn't have any games.

[And the recording is shut off.]

[ooc: Neil's been aged down to twelve. Aaaaaand you might have notice that this doesn't actually change much, other than his appearance. Replies will be coming from [livejournal.com profile] youngerneil this weekend.]

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Okay, yeah, this sucks. I'll admit it, okay? I hate that nobody ever wants to... no, y'know what? Forget people not ever wanting to do anything, people don't even hardly know I'm there unless I say something. It blows and I hate it and I'm... lonely. Okay? I said it, are you all happy now?
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[Neil is locked in a sort of stand-off with Little Neil, resident cat and his namesake. Not that they are standing-- both are crouched on their stomachs on the ground with matching vacant expressions. This goes on for some time. Those who continue watching the feed, however, will eventually see Neil rise to his arms and knees and look pointedly at the screen, and then back at Little Neil, as though imploring those watching to do something about the situation at hand.

Finally, Little Neil raises a paw and swipes at Neil's face. Neil recoils for a split second, and then the two chase each other off screen.]


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