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So uh... Campbell's really gone.

Checked, and... yeah.

Guess he meant it.

'Least it's better than when Antimony left -- didn't even get any warning then.

Still. Sucks.
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[Filtered to Stephen Stills; hackable due to laziness]

So, I saw that thingie the Network posted the other day and I'm sorry that sucks and stuff.

[This is not all he wants to say, but he's not just going to out and say it all because he is Neil, after all. Also, not doing this face-to-face because that would be scary.]

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[Neil's face is seen for all of two seconds before the device is knocked to the ground, landing instead on an awkwardly-angled view of the underside of a table. A good deal of shuffling can be heard, and the clinking of pet collars.]

Stop-- No! Off the-- Okay, Nymeria, to me! And little dude, you need to-- no, no, guys! Okay, c'mere.

[There is a small crash, and an indignant-sounding meow.]

Nym-- Gods. Nya, to me I said!

[When the device is righted and set back on the table, Neil has his husky puppy in his lap, and is holding her tightly by the collar. Resident cat Little Neil is slinking away in the background, looking offended.]

Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, uhmm.

I mentioned to a couple people that I might do like a belated birthday thing? 'S not really a party, but if anyone wanted to stop by today... there's, y'know, snacks. And you could meet the new puppy. [He pats Nymeria on the head, and she tries to nip at his hand.] It'd just be like, a really informal deal, so you could come by whenever.

[Neil's face falls, and he looks somewhat forlorn.] Stephen is... not here right now. So.

[Nymeria chooses that moment to slip out of her collar and bolt. Neil shoots to his feet, and frantically turns off the device before going after her.]

6.) [text.]

Jun. 8th, 2011 05:57 pm
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I hate the frakking friend zone, you know? No girl ever seems to see me as anything besides... I don't know, a kid. Or any guy, for that matter, but I'm so afraid of my own bicuriosity that I don't even want to admit it to myself. I'm not that young.
I haven't had a real date that didn't involve a mistaken identity or being used for some ulterior motive since high school, pretty much.
It just freaks me out sometimes, because I'm afraid I'm going to end up alone.


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