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You guys are frakkin' awesome, okay? All of you. Well, mostly all of you. But basically back home was really shit. Like, way more shit than the shit stuff that happens here. And I'm not saying it doesn't suck sometimes, because it does, but... y'know. I have a job, I have-- okay, here's the thing. This place? Half the time it's like living in a video game, which is awesome. And the other half of the time, it's like having actual friends. And, y'know. That's pretty awesome too.

[ooc: In honour of Thanksgiving, Neil's been hit with the Giving Thanks curse, aaaaaand let's just say that his mental and emotional filters, and his boundaries, are a little weak today.]
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Uhmmmmm.... hello?

[Yes, that's Neil's voice, but it sounds a little bit... different. Quieter, somehow, and possibly a bit higher in pitch.]

Mum? Dad? ...Steph?

[There are a number of clicks, and one switches the video on. Help yourselves to a bit of a different face.]

...Where's this?

[A few more clicks, followed by a very put-upon sigh.]

This thing doesn't have any games.

[And the recording is shut off.]

[ooc: Neil's been aged down to twelve. Aaaaaand you might have notice that this doesn't actually change much, other than his appearance. Replies will be coming from [livejournal.com profile] youngerneil this weekend.]

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 あの。。何これ?? 失礼だが、誰か日本語を分かることできる? 今、おれは英語ができんだそうです。





(ooc: yes, all this nonsense means Neil's been hit with the Lost in Translation curse. He can speak conversational Japanese on a normal day, but right now that's all he can do. If any one else speaks, yeah, he thinks he's some sort of cool tough guy which is why he talks like this. Also if his grammar is a little messy, it's because it's his (and my) second language. He (we) is (are) doing his (our) best.]


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