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[Neil is hunkered down in an alleyway, tamping explosive putty into threaded plumber's pipe. Scattered behind him are gardening shears, several more lengths of pipe, spools of wire and thread, tin cans, and a few boxes of nails. He is wearing a plain black t-shirt with the sleeves torn off, and his signature wristbands are missing when he wipes sweat from his brow as he works. His husky, Nym, stands at the mouth of the alley keeping watch.]

I've tried to lock this transmission from the enemy, but in the event that in should be intercepted, please. Don't follow my example. And tell... nah. Just, be safe. Get out, if you can.
If I don't make it through, remember me. My whole life has been combat, but remember the little things. Remember-- [He uses his teeth to tear off the end of the fuse he's fashioning.] --something other than this.
I guess that's all I can ask.

[ooc: Pullin' a genre switch from the grab bag! Not actually locked, because there isn't actually an "enemy" here. Open action, if somebody wants to find him in the alley? Neil thinks he's an apocalyptic war hero this weekend. He probably can't be persuaded that he's not actually at war, but you can try if you want to. Also, who knows if he actually knows what he's doing, but he seems to understand what he's up to in theory. Mun may possibly be a shameless Terminator fanatic. Also she may possibly have re-watched the Dollhouse Epitaphs this week. Shhhhh. Also you're getting only this userpic all weekend because it is so Kyle Reese-tastic.]


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