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[Neil awakes to the staccato blaring of an alarm clock and a few gentle initiatory flute notes (not that there's an actual flute to be seen anywhere). He sits up, clumsily shuts off the alarm, yawns and stretches exaggeratedly.]

I'm alone! Boy, I sure am glad the ghost of Knives Chau has disappeared overnight. I thought maybe that curse would last forever! It's good to have my room to myself again.

[The way he's speaking is definitely odd-- it's very measured and precise, and quite a bit louder than normal. Speaking of odd things, the sounds of a guitar and a synthesizer matching each other exactly note-for-note can be heard fading in from nowhere. Drums and bass kick up too as Neil suddenly jumps up so he's standing on his bed, and begins dancing and singing:]

Sometimes I wish I had a farm
Where the only pollution is your cigarettes
Where your mind is clear
But I like it here
In my small space
This is the place
Where the sidewalks know my face
As I walk to--

[Here, Neil jumps off the bed, and expands his stage to include the entire room.]

--My apartment, the home where I hide
Away from all the darkness
In my apartment, the home where I hide
Away from all the darkness
I'm there all the time.

[Neil carries on like this for a while, and then exits stage left leaves the room.]

((ooc: Sing and Shout curse! Today Neil is the lead of basically the worst musical ever. blue text is for musical numbers. HE IS WILLING TO SERENADE ANYONE AND EVERYONE, SO COME AND GET IT. Even if you've never met Neil before, he'll find something to sing to/at you about. Seriously.
The above is a Ben Kweller tune, by the way. Ben Kweller is basically the real-life version of Young Neil, as far as I'm concerned. Neil will likely be drawing a lot from him, as well as a few of his favourite bands, throughout the day.))
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((or action for Stephen Stills, if he happens to be around))

[The tail end of a distressed yell (read: scream) is heard as the video clicks on. Neil is sitting on his bed, hugging his knees to his chest tightly and staring with apparent horror at the opposite wall of the room.]

H-how did you get in here?

[His shoulders are tense, and if one looks closely enough, he appears to be shaking just slightly.]

How long have you been here? S-Stephen didn't mention that you...

[Neil seems to be terrified to move a centimetre from where he is. He gulps and takes a shaky breath, his voice coming out high and pleading.]

Why won't you say anything?!

[But it's clear to anyone watching that there is no one there; Neil is the only person in the room.]

((ooc: Neil has fallen victim to the Ghost World curse! He seems to unintentionally be playing host to visitor from back home...))
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[See Neil sitting, looking thoroughly on edge. He seems to have tried to comb his hair, but it doesn't really look any better than normal.]

This is to, uh, everyone? Er, mostly people who own businesses, and stuff.

[He taps on the screen for no actual apparent reason.]

Uh... I'm Neil, and I am looking for a job. I know how to--

[Clears his throat]

--man a cash register, and I can probably, uhmm... I mean totally, I can totally learn other skills too especially if they mainly involve pushing buttons.

I promise to be... dedicated and... hard-working and all that good stuff? Yeah.

You should hire me. 'Cause uh, it'd be awesome.

[A long and awkward pause.]

Uh, that's all.
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Uh... guys? Is there any...

[He trails off and glances around nervously, tugging at the hem of his shirt.]


[He notices the device and picks it up. He looks it over with curiosity and awe-- is this really an electronic whose model Neil is not familiar with? That doesn't happen very often.]

What's this, some sort of next-gen prototype?

[He turns it over in his hands a few times]

Bet it's Japanese. ...How do you get to the games?

[He paces slowly back and forth a few times-- it's more like wandering, really. Sighing, he sits down with his back to the fountain and tucks his knees up against his chest.]

Look, I don't know how this thing works but... it looks like it's recording, or... or broadcasting. Whatever. So like, if someone hears this, do you wanna like... come and get me or whatever?

[A pause.]

And maybe explain what's going on? 'Cause I kinda don't even know where in the gorram frakking frak I am right now...


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